Hello there!

My name is Phoebe (she/her) and I'm an illustration graduate of Leeds Arts University.

I specialise in children's illustration with a particular focus on non-fiction and educational illustration, as well as health related topics. I enjoy working in a range of mediums from digital to collage, print-making to short animations and I try to keep my work as fun and colourful as possible!

In 2020, I created the 'Bons Garçons' clothing collection and sell through Everpress, and have had several successful campaigns and I hope to release more designs in the future! I also run an Etsy shop and take personal commissions. 

I also run a sex education social media account on Instagram called @everybodys_invited where I illustrate and post information about relationships and sex education (RSE) in a more positive, inclusive and open way. This started as my final year project in March 2021 and I have continued to run and manage the account, so please check it out!

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